For men

Männer - Gesicht


The daily shave can be very time consuming. To facilitate this daily process, we help you with permanent hair removal even in certain areas of the face.

Männer - Hals & Nacken


Beyond the beard, permanent hair removal can also save a lot of time and effort in the area of the neck.

Männer - Schultern & Rücken

Shoulders & Back

These regions are most frequently affected by excessive hair growth. In order not to have to constantly shave the hard-to-reach places, we offer permanent hair removal.

Männer - Brust & Bauch

Chest & Belly

A smooth male chest is the dream of every woman and is considered by many men in dealing with their own self-confidence as positive. With our technologies you will get rid of annoying hair in this area.

Männer - Arme & Hände

Arms & Hands

Well-groomed arms and hands are a must have in business as well as in private. Save time and effort with our advanced photoepilation technology.

Männer - Achseln


Hygiene and aesthetics go hand in hand. Never again unpleasant odors thanks to smooth hairless pits. The permanent hair removal makes it possible.

Männer - Intimbereich

Intimate Area

Well-groomed appearance in all areas of the body. So also in sensitive areas. Our medical professionals pay particular attention to discretion.

Männer - Gesäß & Pofalte

Buttocks & Gluteal Fold

Hygiene is important especially in this area. In order to avoid imfections or inflammation, permanent hair removal in this area is advisable. Discretion is very important to us.

Männer - Beine

Legs & Feet

In some sports hair removal on the legs improves performance enormously.

Neat look.

Every day.

Annoying shaving has an end – aesthetics that inspires men and women

Annoying shaving comes to an end. Permanent hair removal with light makes it possible. Even men are discovering more and more the advantage of a well-groomed appearance. Whether it’s a perfect beard, a smooth chest or other areas that require an aesthetic hair-free appearance. Haarfreiheit Heidelberg helps and frees you from annoying hair effectively. More time and less effort, an advantage. Arrange your individual consultation today. Enjoy our expertise to get rid of annoying hair once and for all.

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