Permanent* hair removal for men
Arms & Hands

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Arms and hands – Excessive hair growth can be effectively treated

Well-kept arms and hands are increasingly in demand by men as well. As a non-verbal means of communication, you can create a strong expression. Therefore, hair growth in this area appears to be rather disadvantageous. Since the development of the XENOgel method, Haarfreiheit Heidelberg has been able to offer you a permanent* solution, which is also pain-free. The goal is that you can concentrate exclusively on what you need at meetings or during your spare time. You won’t have to spend time shaving again and again. Decide for a professional treatment by our professional staff and enjoy a hair-free time which makes you feel a lot more comfartable.

Absolut precission

The available techniques, which are usually used for hair removal on the arms and hands, are only temporarily effective. We are talking mainly about the classic shave. Even if this leads to a feeling of smooth skin for a brief moment, the hair grows back too quickly and you are faced with the same problem. Over and over again. In contrast to the temporary methods of hair removal, Heidelberg offers a permanent approach. The method is as simple as it is precise. Light is the answer to steady hair growth.

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Advanced Technology at Haarfeiheit Heidelberg

However, the technology behind it is very complex. Different hair and skin types naturally use different techniques and wavelengths to actually remove the hair permanently without damaging the skin. However, the hair freedom has every technology available on the market, so that nothing stands in the way of permanent hair removal.


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