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Prices for XENOgel Technology, IPL and laser hair removal

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Prices for permanent hair removal* for men and women

individual prices & package prices

We represent the philosophy of an individual treatment for each customer. Therefore we recommend a first non-committal and free consultation for an accurate calculation of the expenses for a hair removal with light or laser at the armpits, the intimate are, the back, the legs or another prefered body area. Prices for a permanent hair removal* vary depending on the desired body region and number of treatments. The reason therefore are the individual hair and body conditions. Ask for our special package prices!

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Due to the different growth cycles, the respective sessions take place at a distance of 6-8 weeks for facial treatments and about 4 weeks for body hair. As the number of sessions increases, the distance between the treatments is lengthened as there is less hair after each session. It is strongly recommended to keep the specified distances, otherwise the optimum growth phase will be missed and a good result cannot be realized.

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Prices** permanent hair removal* men

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** Prices per treatment at the PREMIUM tariff, all further price details and cost differentiations can be explained in a personal consultation

Prices are listed per treatment, trainees and students receive 5% discount on presentation of a student or training certificate.

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