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SHR hair removal

SHR technology for hair removal

What is SHR?

SHR stands for “Super Hair Removal” and refers to an advanced technology for hair removal using light. Unlike traditional methods, SHR provides an effective and low-pain way to permanently remove unwanted hair. This innovative technology has become an established alternative, allowing for gentle and efficient treatment for the long-term elimination of hair.

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The basis of the technique is unbundled light. Consequently, a relatively large area of the body can be treated during each pulse. The wavelength range of the devices we use is usually 690 nm. The applicator is equipped with a special anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The higher infrared areas, which can lead to increased heating of the skin and thus to a greater risk of burns, are filtered out by pure water.


Procedure of SHR hair removal

The stem cells are responsible for the nutrition of the hair or the hair root. The SHR applicator is hovered over the skin, hair and underlying stem cells warm up slowly and continuously until each area has reached a temperature of approximately 45° Celsius (113° Fahrenheit). In order to be able to reach the stem cells effectively with the emitted light rays, an active connection to the hair root is also required here (anagen phase).

Each hair acts like fiberglass as a “bridge” to the hair root and the connected stem cells. When the stem cells have reached the desired target temperature, the protein denatures. As a result, it can no longer supply the hair root or the follicle with nutrients and every single treated hair falls out.


The difference to IPL is the absorption of light in by melanin in a higth of 50%. That leads to a small risk of burning. Besides the way the light takes its way over the melanin the target of the SHR Technology are the stem cells and not the hair follicle itself compared to the IPL technique.

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Hair & stem cells

The stem cells are responsible for the suplly of nutrients the hair or the hair roots need. During the treatment the considered area is driven over with the SHR applicator and the skin and the hair and stem cells underneath warm up slowly and continuous until every part reaches a temperature of about 45° Celsius (113° Fahrenheit).

To reach the stem cells properly with the light beams sent out, an active connection of each hair to the root is needed (anagen phase). Hereby each hair works as a bridge to the hair roots and stem cells compared to a fiber glas cable. When the stem cells reach the aimed temperature, the protein denaturizes. As a result these cannot supply the hair roots with nutrients anymore and treated hair fall out.

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Which hair color can be treated?

SHR has wide range of applications considering skin- and hair color. That means that even lighter or blond hair and light skin can be treated. But also darker hair and skin tones are able to be treated. Darker hair and skin tones have a higher amount of the body’s own dye melanin. It absorbs the energy of light very well what means that the amount of emitted energy has to be monitored.

The melanin is an important factor for the hair removal with light. White hair don’t have that dye. But there is a possible to remove them permanentely*. This works with the needle epilation which we also offer.

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IPL-hair removal
Infografik Wirkungsweise SHR
SHR-hair removal
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Before the treatment

Waxing, epilating & plugging

It is also important that no hair should be depilated before treatment. Because in that case the aforementioned “bridge” is missing to establish the contact of the light with the stem cells of the hair follicle. A treatment of each individual hair at this point is recommended after 4 weeks at the earliest, when the hair has regenerated and is in the anagen phase of growth.


Shaving in the corresponding area is still possible. The hair is only taken back to the skin surface, the “bridge” to the stem cells below the skin remains, so that a proper treatment can be carried out there. It is even advisable to shave the area to be treated the day before the appointment. The skin may relax after shaving, before the actual treatment is done. This leads to reduced redness and irritation of the skin.

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Guidelines for SHR hair removal

Skin areas that are tattooed generally can not be treated. This is due to the colors used in the tattoo. It can not be ruled out that these react to the treatment with both the IPL and the SHR method and that color changes occur. This represents a health risk, which must be avoided at all. All tattoos are therefore omitted in a treatment.

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The same applies to the body’s own pigments (for example birthmarks (nevus)). These contain the mentioned dye melanin and therefore absorb the wavelengths of light more than the rest of the skin. To prevent possible biological reactions of these, they are covered and not treated.


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