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Alexandrite laser hair removal

Permanent hair removal* with the alexandrite laser

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When and where is the Alexandrite laser used?

Alexandrite lasers can be used for the removal of pigmentation disorders and tattoos. However, the main field of application is the permanent removal of hair. To achieve a permanent hair removal, the energy of the laser beam with exactly 755 nanometers wavelength is directed to the hair to be removed. The bundled light is absorbed by the color pigments of the hair root. The transferred high energy eliminates the hair root and prevents a regrowth of hair. The treatment is not only durable, it is also very gentle and free of side effects. For a painless treatment provides a novel cooling system that protects the skin during hair removal.

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Hair removal with the alexandrite laser

Preparation of skin for the treatment

Three to four weeks before treatment, the skin should no longer be tanned. You should avoid intense sunbathing or going to the solarium for the last month before treatment. The reason for this is the working of the alexandrite laser, because the laser light can not penetrate strongly tanned skin. Instead of reaching the deeper hair follicles, the laser would heat the upper layers of the skin. Burns would be the result.

Epilation, waxing or plucking of the body parts to be treated needs to be stopped at the latest 4 weeks before the treatment. Depilatory creams are also to be avoided for this period. Immediately before hair removal, the affected area of ​​the body is shaved. If it is a facial treatment, any existing make-up must completely removed.

Procedure and follow-up treatment

For the implementation of permanent hair removal* no anesthesia is necessary. The laser has an integrated cooling system that soothes and protects the skin. Nevertheless, it can come to short-term redness through the laser action. However, these disappear after one or two days.

How long the treatment session lasts depends on the size of the part of the body to be treated. The permanent hair removal* in the upper lip area only takes about 10 minutes. Treating both legs, however, requires several sessions of an hour each.

What happens after the treatment?

Follow-up treatments are unavoidable in permanent laser hair removal*. This is due to the growth cycle of the hair. The growth cycle of the hair is divided into three sections: the growth phase, the transition phase and the resting phase.

For the laser treatment, only hair in the growth phase are to be treated, which affects only about 20 to 30 percent of the hair. The remainder is at the same time in another, untreatable phase. After about six to eight weeks, the phases alternate and another part of the hair roots is available for treatment. Until all hair or hair follicles are treated, therefore, several sessions are needed.

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For whom is the laser suitable and how long does the effect last?

The permanent hair removal* with the alexandrite laser is especially suitable for people with light skin and dark hair. Why? Because the bundled light with its special wavelength easily penetrates the light skin and encounters plenty of melanin, the color pigments in the hair follicle. Here, the laser unfolds its power by briefly heating up the pigment cells. These are the basis for this. The disintegration of melanin causes an inflammatory reaction, which in turn activates the body’s own phagocytes, the macrophages. They eliminate the denatured hair follicles, removing the basis for regrowth of the hair.

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How does the body react to the Alexandrite laser?

How a person reacts to a laser treatment can vary individually. Basically, however, dark, preferably thick, hair is ideal for using this particular laser. If this is the case, the application of the alexandrite laser is applicable to all body regions, for example on the arms and legs, in the genital area, on the back or on the face.

When is the Alexandrite laser unsuitable?

Gray or very light hair can not be removed with the laser, because the light of the alexandrite laser reacts only to dark color pigments. The alexandrite laser is also not suitable for people with dark skin. However, alternative laser techniques are available for these skin types.

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How persistent is the effect?

In terms of durability, long-term studies show the lasting effect of permanent hair removal* with the alexandrite laser. The hair density decreases after the first treatment. With each further treatment, the number of hair continues to decrease.

How fast the desired end result will appear depends on the skin type as well as the type and density of the hair. However, on average, six to eight sessions are required for optimal results in the large area.


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