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every light technology and the needle epilation

The popularity of the permanent hair removal* increases. To get rid of annoying hair without constant shaving is a dream that you can make come true. The hair removal with light can be achieved with several methods.

The suitable technology for individual needs

Some types of skin react more positive to the IPL technology other types prefer the diode laser or the XENOgel technology. Due to the different responsiveness of hair and skin we decided to offer every technology available on the market to provide you with an optimal treatment. Our goal is to free you from annoying hair permanently* and the effort which comes with it. This means laser hair removal in a new dimension.

Hair removal with the needle epilation

In addition to all lighting techniques for permanent hair removal*, we also offer the needle epilation. This is a  suitable method for tattooed areas, as these cannot be treated with lighting techniques. But hair also grows in these areas. Don’t you want to be able to see your tattoo always without having to shave the area constantely? The needle epilation frees you permanently* from annoying hair in this area. In contrast to the lighting technologies, there is no uniform price, as the effort is very different. You can find out the price for your treatment during the free consultation at the Institute in Heidelberg.

Overview Technologies

XENOgel® Technology

XENOgel combines the advantages of modern SHR technology with a specially developed crystal gel. This cools the surrounding skin and improves the transmission of light pulses. All hair colors and body regions can be treated.

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SHR (super hair removal)

SHR, Super Hair Removal, is one of the most advanced methods of permanent hair removal. Only 50% of the energy is passed on by the Melanin. The remaining 50% affect the stem cells.

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IPL (intense pulsed light)

IPL removes hair permanently with pure light. Multiple light spectra are used allowing a treatment of large body areas. However, the treatment of light hair is problematic with this method.

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Diode laser

The Diode Laser works with a wavelength of 808nm, which can treat individual single hair. The hair root is heated to 65 ° -72 ° Celsius. As a result, the hair falls out permanently.

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Alexandrite laser

The Alexandrite Laser, just like the diode laser, allows permanent removal of individual hairs and can also be used for tattoo removal. Reddish and very light hair can be effectively removed with the Alexandrite laser.

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The yttrium aluminum granat laser or YAG-Laser works with a wavelength of 1064nm. This special wavelength is particularly suitable for people with dark hair.

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  • higher efficiency
  • more gentle to the skin
  • painless
  • all types of skin and hair
  • season regardless
  • also light hair are treatable
higher efficiency
Compared to IPL hair removal, the XENOgel method is much more efficient, allowing a faster treatment in fewer sessions. Decisive feature is the crystal gel, which is used during the treatment. On the one hand, this optimizes the flow of light and, on the other hand, cools the skin pleasantly.
more gentle to the skin
The XENOgel technology is more gentle to the skin compared to all other hair removal methods. The cooling effect of XENOgel calms and cares the skin equally.
When using the XENOgel method, the risk of pain is significantly reduced compared to IPL treatments. Permanent hair removal in a new dimension.
all types of skin and hair

With the XENOgel technology also dark-skinned people can be treated.No more restrictions thanks to state-of-the-art technology and professional competence.

season regardless
Hair removal using XENOgel technology can also be done in the summer. No matter when you decide for a permanent hair removal, it is always the right time.
also light hair are treatable

Light and thin hair does not need to be left untreated. Thanks to the XENOgel technology, there are almost no restrictions with regard to the hair color.

Answers to key questions about our permanent hair removal method

Here are the answers to the most common questions about permanent hair removal with our XENOgel method.

  • How does the treatment of a permanent hair removal* with XENOgel® work?
  • What does a consultation cost?
  • How many permanent hair removal* sessions are needed?
  • Does a treatment contract for permanent hair removal need to be signed?
  • Who carries out the treatment?
  • Is permanent hair removal painful using the XENOgel® Technology?
How does the treatment of a permanent hair removal* with XENOgel® work?

Before each treatment of a permanent hair removal an individual and just as detailed consultation takes place. Before treatment, ultrasound gel is applied to the desired body region. Thereafter, the region is traversed with the SHR applicator 6-10 times with low energy but high repetition rate. The melanin of the hair and additionally the tissue of the stem cells are heated slowly over the skin with low energy, thereby denaturing the nutrient cells in the hair root. With this combination of treatment, the goal of permanent hair removal is achieved in less time than conventional methods of permanent hair removal.

What does a consultation cost?

A consultation for permanent hair removal is always free and without obligation. As a result, after the consultation, you can freely decide if you would like to have a permanent hair removal treatment in our institute. Of course, if you decide against a treatment, you will not have to pay anything.

How many permanent hair removal* sessions are needed?

In order to permanently rid hair of the desired region, it usually takes 8-10 sessions, which have to be repeated every 4-8 weeks.

Does a treatment contract for permanent hair removal need to be signed?

Of course, our customers do not have to sign for several treatments. For this reason, a pre-payment and a practice for the duration of the treatments is not provided. Of course, every customer is free to decide whether to continue the treatment for permanent hair removal * in our institute!

Who carries out the treatment?

During your entire treatment, you will be advised and looked after by our medical staff. You are in good hands from start to finish.

Is permanent hair removal painful using the XENOgel® Technology?

Permanent hair removal using the XENOgel technology is painless. During treatment, customers only feel warm, but this is compensated by the cooling of the device.

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