Our permanent hair removal

Our permanent hair removal

Hair removal in perfection – state-of-the-art technologies for permanent hair removal

Get rid of annoying hair forever? The permanent hair removal makes it possible from now on. This goal can be achieved in different ways. While some hair and skin types are more responsive to IPL technology, other types react more likely to the use of the diode laser or the XENOgel method. Because of this difference, we have decided to offer every technology available on the market to give you a perfect result.

SHR (super hair removal)
IPL (intense pulsed light)
Diode laser
Alexandrite laser


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Wartezimmer Haarfreiheit Heidelberg

Behandlungszimmer Haarfreiheit Heidelberg

higher efficiency
more gentle to the skin
all types of skin and hair
season regardless
also light hair are treatable

Answers to key questions about our permanent hair removal method

Here are the answers to the most common questions about permanent hair removal with our XENOgel method.

How does a permanent hair removal with SHR work?
What does a consultation cost?
How many permanent hair removal sessions are needed?
Does a treatment contract for permanent hair removal need to be signed?
Who carries out the treatment?
Is permanent hair removal painful using SHR technology?

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