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Hair removal with every technology

Decide for a permanent hair removal at your top-provider and expert Haarfreiheit Heideberg.



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Haarfreiheit is also located in Mannheim and Karlsruhe!

Haarfreiheit is the top-adress for permanent hair removal. You get the best service. Practical experience for years in the field of aesthetic medicine makes it possible. More then a hair removal studio – our medical institute with our specialists. Our institutes in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Bruchsal und Karlsruhe are optimally to reach from the cities Wiesloch, Waldorf, Hockenheim, Schwetzingen, Schriesheim, Weinheim, Neckargemünd and  Sinsheim.

For that reason, decide for a non-binding consultation by our experts today! 

The real alternative

Are you looking for a real alternative to traditional methods of hair removal? The constant shaving, waxing or epilating has an end with Haarfreiheit Heidelberg. Even depilatory creams promise only short-term success. In addition, an application process as required by this method is not necessary. The permanent solution works effectively with light. Above all, we can offer you every technology available on the market. The method of hair removal with light is often referred to as laser hair removal, which means any form of hair removal using light. The wavelength used and the different bundling of the light is decisive.

Our team welcomes you in our institute Heidelberg


N. Talas

medical doctor


S. Helbig

management of institute Heidelberg


C. Zischkale


I. Kalisch

medical technical assistant

Mitarbeiterin Fuchs

A. Fuchs

medical assistant

C. Weber

registered nurse


K. Bückle



Z. Nock

medical assistant


J. Hobe

registered nurse

head of quality management


I. Miliziano

medical assistant


M. Müller

coordination of appointments

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Permanent hair removal with Haarfreiheit

Don’t you also dream of smooth, delicate skin, without constant shaving or painful epilation?

Haarfreiheit Heidelberg makes your dream come true.

We work with the latest technology for permanent hair removal. And with every one available on the market! Laser hair removal is one of the gentlest ways to get rid of irritating hair forever. Try the best hair removal in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region!

XENOgel – the innovative method developed by us

Treatment using the IPL procedure and all other technologies is basically possible with us. In particular, we recommend the XENOgel method developed by us. The reason for this is the combination of the gentle SHR technique with a skin-friendly crystal gel. This provides the skin with optimal cooling after treatment. As a result, the treatment remains painless and increases the effectiveness.

Get to know our other technologies here!

Arrange a free consultation today in our medical institute in Heidelberg.

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