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Permanent hair
removal* for
WOMEN body

Your Technology for smooth skin

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Many women struggle with excessive hair growth in the area of the upper lip or the chin. The permanent hair removal* with Haarfreiheit Heidelberg can free you from this.

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Do you dream of silky-smooth skin on arms and hands? Hair growth belongs to yesterday. Decide for a permanent hair removal* from Haarfreiheit Heidelberg.

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Smooth tender armpits always and everywhere and without the annoying regrowth of stubble. Haarfreiheit Heidelberg frees you from this burden.

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Don’t bother with constant shaving or waxing on your abdomen. Remove annoying hair once and for all*.

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A well-groomed appearance and best hygiene in the most sensitive area? Discretion is our top priority.

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Hard to reach places are particularly difficult to get rid of hair. Permanent hair removal will relieve you of this trouble.

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Smooth legs no matter summer or winter. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to shave over and over again? The permanent hair removal of Haarfreiheit helps you to realize this.

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Smooth skin.

No matter when, no matter where.

Don’ t you dream of smooth, delicate skin?


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