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Permanent hair removal*
with IPL

The technology

Unbundled light

With the modern IPL procedure we free you quickly, gently and efficiently from unwanted hair growth. IPL means intense pulsed light. The hair removal is done with pure, not bundled light. There is no need for a classic laser. The IPL technique does not work with fixed wavelengths an can be adapted individually to the needs of the patient.

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The flash lamp devices designed for IPL technology use very short pulses of 2 to 300 milliseconds. However, it releases a tremendous amount of energy between 12 and 120 joules per square centimeter. The devices in our institutes differ from the at home IPL devices primarily in the energy that the technology can emit. This is selected according to the hair and skin type for each session in order to remove the hair permanently*.

Graphic of information energy level of IPL

The advantage over the laser technology is a treatment of a numerous amount of hair roots at the same time. The IPL technique is one of many technologies for permanent hair removal* we offer in the institute Heidelberg and every other location of Haarfreiheit.

IPL’s mode of operation

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What happens in the body?

Melanin is the dye in the hair. Its peculiarity is that the melanin can absorb photons. The absorbed light is transported through the hair to the follicle. There, the energy is transformed by the body into heat of 65 ° to 72 ° Celsius. This temperature causes the hair root to become desolate. At this moment, a supply of hair with nutrients is no longer possible. The production of new hair is excluded.

Because the hair color and hair texture of each customer is different, the IPL technology requires different filters to meet the needs of the individual and to ensure the best possible result. The filters ensure that all superfluous wavelengths are filtered out, leaving only the suitable wavelengths for skin and hair type.

Infografik Wirkungsweise von IPL Hautquerschnitt Details Haarwurzel

Efficient and durable*

A big advantage of IPL technology is the fact that quite large areas can be treated. This saves time and money. The removal of hair with light is painless and gentle to the skin. A treatment of several or more parts of the body is possible. The treatments themselves do not take much time and can be integrated into everyday life.

Graphic of information Melanin and other skin hair pigments

Hair and skin types

Basically anyone can be treated with IPL. It should be noted, however, that the method reaches its limits with very light hair. This is related to the fact that, for example, white hair has no color pigments, that is no melanin. The light pulse can not be transported to the root in this case and it remains intact. In such cases, however, other photoepilation techniques are available that are similar in concept to the IPL technique.

Also, the removal of reddish hair is difficult. This is because red hair contains the substance phaemelanin. This absorbs the light worse than it is the case with dark hair.

brown beige honeycomb pattern

Treatment process & technique

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How does the treatment work?

At the beginning, the handpiece is equipped with the suitable filter for your hair and skin type. The suitable filter has been found due to the analysis in the free consultation. After that the applicator is positioned at the area to be treated and the light impulse is emitted. The light pulses are released and transported through the melanin to the hair root. After that the handpiece is positioned at the adjacent area.

This process with the IPL technique is also called “stamping” because the applicator is put onto the skin part by part. This is a significant difference to the XENOgel® Technology where the handpiece is constantely moved in the parts to be treated to heat up the area equally.

Photo set analysis hair and skin

Certified safety

Certificate NiSV best technology

The IPL devices are subject to a careful examination directly at the factory, so that damage to the skin are almost impossible if the device is properly used. However, at Haarfreiheit treatments are only performed by trained professionals.

Of course, the eyes are protected with special goggles from light flashes.

You should note that

The hair growth cycles

It should be noted that a promising treatment is only possible in the growth phase of hair. However, this is different for each hair. Statistically, only about 10 percent of hair is in the same growth cycle. Therefore, several treatments are always necessary to permanently remove all hair. The applications should be carried out as far as possible within four weeks.

Grapphic of information growth cycle


The IPL can be applied almost to the whole body. Very popular body areas are legs and armpits, but also any other body region can be freed from unwanted hair. It is also possible to treat several body parts in just one application.

Body regions at a glance smooth hairless skin without pain

Before and after

Before and after treatment, intensive sunbathing should be avoided. Also, visits to the solarium should definitely be avoided. If the skin gets too much radiation in too short a time it can happen that different pigmentations develop. This is called hypopigmentation.

Before and after treatment photoepilation photos
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Free consultation about IPL

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If you are interested in a permanent hair removal with the IPL technology we offer you a non-binding consultation in the Heidelberg institute. Your wishes and ideas should always be taken into account. During the consultation we will find out if the IPL technology is the right technique for your needs regarding your hair and skin type. The consultation is free of charge. Arrange your individual consultation in Heidelberg right now! We are looking forward to your visit.


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