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Discreet permant* hair removal
Coccyx and lower back

Aesthetic and medical relevance

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Hair above your butt crack
Aesthetics and Hygiene

If you bend down or work intensively, the T-shirt may slip upwards and expose the lower back or even the area just above the buttocks. This situation can already be unpleasant, but for many it becomes even more embarrassing when a heavily hairy skin area becomes visible. For this reason, many men choose to depilate the lower back and buttocks in order to make this part of the body more appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

Hair removal in the coccyx area can facilitate personal daily hygiene and facilitate body care.
However, this region is difficult to access with Rasiere. Permanent hair removal with light and laser can help here.

Prevention of ingrown hair

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Not only for aesthetic reasons, many men opt for hair removal in the area of the coccyx. Here many suffer from ingrown hair on a regular basis. These can have a variety of causes, such as tight pants, tight underwear and heavy sweating – these things can affect hair growth. In addition, genetic factors may play a role in whether you are prone to pimples and ingrown hair. Cloaked hair in this area is not only unpleasant and unsightly, but can also be the cause of a coccyx fistula.

It is important to note that shaving or waxing, depending on the individual skin and hair texture, may even increase the risk of ingrown hair.

A possible solution to improve this situation is permanent hair removal with the help of light and laser treatments. Our Haarfreiheit-staff relys on the pain-free and effective XENOgel® Technology, an innovative development of photoepilation, in which a cooling crystal gel is used.

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Coccyx fistula

The crotch fistula, also known as the pilonidal sinus, is an abscess, which indicates an accumulation of pus in a tissue cavity. It is usually located directly at the top of the paw fold and is often caused by an ingrown hair. In this tissue cavity an inflammatory reaction takes place, which can progress rapidly due to the penetration of bacteria from the skin and possibly faecal particles, even to systemic effects. Treatment of this abscess is usually done surgically, with the affected area being extensively removed to prevent sepsis and tissue necrosis.

Cervical fistula develops due to a combination of different factors. These include clogged hair follicles, friction and pressure on the coccyx, and genetic predispositions. Therefore, proper hygiene and hair removal in the buttock area for prevention is of great importance

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Not afraid of coccyx fistula and ingrown hair

Hair removal is important for many people, but in the case of the cut region, the use of shavers or wax may increase the risk of regrowing hairs not coming out of the skin properly after hair removal. With permanent hair removal with light and laser treatments, the hair follicles are permanently inactivated, which prevents the formation of new hairs and thus prevents the growth of hair. You should contact your doctor to determine if laser hair removal is recommended for the prevention of coccyx fistula in your particular case.

Haarfreiheit Heidelberg: discreet and professional

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At Haarfreiheit Heidelberg we offer you a professional service with state-of-the-art technology and certified professionals in accordance with the regulations of the NiSV. Of course, we also treat intimate areas seriously and discreetly. Our aim is to optimise your skin appearance according to your individual preferences and to help you prevent potential coccyx fistulae in order to ensure a safe feeling.

We cordially invite you to a non-binding and free consultation. We will be happy to introduce you to all available technical and price options, which are completely tailored to your personal needs.


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