Permanent hair removal* with XENOgel®


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XENOgel® combines photo epilation and a crystal gel. Thanks to the XENOgel® method, light pulses are optimally directed into the skin and can lead to the desired result of a permanent* and painless hair removal.


The revolutionary technology

In the case of permanent hair removal* with a laser therapy or light pulses, also called photoepilation or laser epilation, there are enormous differences between the applied methods. In contrast to the conventional treatment with IPL, we use our XENOgel® method to apply state-of-the-art SHR technology in combination with a crystal gel which is kind to your skin. As a result, the light pulses are optimally directed into the hair roots and the skin is cooled. Compared to the IPL technique, SHR treatment not only damages the hair roots via melanin, but also their stem cells. The hair roots are permanently destroyed and cannot regenerate after a while as in the IPL technique.

The pigment melanin contained in hair is required for the transmission of the pulses. Through this the light pulses enter the hair roots, which destroy them. However, depending on the skin type, the pigment melanin also occurs in the skin cells of the body. A too high power of the light beam can injure the skin. In addition, very light hairs cannot be treated properly with IPL, which usually leads to damaged hair roots regenerating and producing a white hair as a defense mechanism. This is free from melanin and cannot be treated anymore.

For this reason, the XENOgel® method does not focus on the melanin only. The SHR technique additionally influences the stem cells of each hair and denatures the nutrients in these cells, which means that no new hair can be formed due to the lack of necessary nutrients for the growth process of hair.

The used crystal gel also optimizes the light flow, has a cooling effect and is kind to the skin. The optimization further has the effect that the power of the light beam can be minimized and even dark skin will not be injured.

XENOgel® is double-acting and particularly gentle on the skin. Also depilation in the intimate area is as painless and effective as never before.

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