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Which methods are available?

Smooth legs are not a new trend. Women are used to the removal of hair for a long time. Because smooth legs are the epitome of a well groomed appearance. Especially in summer when more skin is shown, hairfree legs seem very attractive and groomed.

The shave

And how do women actually remove hair? The goal is claer, hair shall be away. The way to get there is very diverse. The most often chosen way of hair removal at the legs is the classical shave. This can be done either dry or wet.

The advantage is the possible combination of it with the daily shower or bath. Despite this often used method it is unpractically. On the one handside a proper removal means a great loss of time. But the biggest disadvantage is the fast regrwoth of hair and the uncomfortable forming of stubble. This usually takes place just a day later so that you have to repeat the procedure.

Frau am Strand mit glatten Beinen


The epilation is a further method to get rid of annoying hair at the legs. Just as the shave, epilation is a mechanical procedure. The big difference to the shave is the plucking of hair. An advantage is the slower regrowth of hair. It takes about 4 weeks but hair will also regrow.

However the biggest disadvantage is the pain that comes with it. Each hair is plucked out seperately. Furthermore skin becomes irritated which can lead to red spots and itching.


These both methods have in common that hair is plucked out too. The difference to epilation is that hair are not plucked out by a machine. They get stuck in wax (waxing) or in the sugar paste (sugaring). The problem here is the same. Hair regrow after 4 weeks and the procedure itself causes pain.

Hair removal with light

The procedures are very different. In the area of unbundled light there is the revolutionary XENOgel technology. which combines the latest photoepilation technology with a crystal gel. Furthermore there are the IPL (intense pulsed light) and SHR (super hair removal) methods and numerous procedures with bundled light also called laser.

All methods have the goal of a permanent hair removal* in common and mean that hair won’t regrow in difference to the classical procedures like shave, epilation and waxing.

Which method is the best for legs?

Smooth legs are a women’s desire at any time not only until the next shave or waxing. That’s why a permanent* solution is the best. It doesn’t only lead to constant smooth legs but it saves a lot of time. You can use it for for important things. Relax during the time you would shave your legs.

The revolutionary XENOgel technology has the big advantage that it is as well effective as painless. With the crystal gel the effect of light is optimated. The used energy can be a lot lower and effective at the same time. We offer this technology also in Heidelberg. This method is very popular for the hair removal at the legs. The costs for a hair removal with light at the legs start at 139€ each treatment (lower legs). Get to know more details about the prices and our cheap packages here.

Convince yourself from one of those methods in a non-binding and free consultation in an institute near you.

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