Hair removal armpits

How are hair removed there?

Temporary methods

Smooth soft armpits are indispensable to achieve a good look and a better hygiene. During the 80s the topic hair removal wasn’t that important. Today this aspect is indispensable.

The disturbing hair underneath the armpits aren’t only a burden during summer. Odor formation is unpleasant and disturbing. Bacteria are the reason for it.

That’s why hair need to get away there. But what is the way women remove hair best? The classical way is a shave. To remove hair underneath the armpits properly it takes great expense. To save time, shaving is often combined with the daily shower. However hair regrow too fast. That’s why the procedure has to started all over again.

Permanent methods

Completely without the daily shave the permanent hair removal is a solution. There are also different possibilities to remove armpit hair. Hair can be removed permanently* with the help of light or with the needle epilation. The XENOgel technology and the IPL technique are most often chosen methods for a permanent* hair removal with light.

How does the XENOgel® Technology work?


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Armpits optimally treated

In our institute in Heidelberg we offer every technology available on the market in the field of hair removal with light. We like to inform you about all the possibilities to remove armpit hair in a free consultation. There you get to know more about the estimated costs which have to be spent for a treatment. Benefit from our cheap packages and combine a treatment at your armpits with further body areas.

For a first overview we present you our technologies here. With the different wavelenghts of the varying technologies a treatment of almost every hair and skin type is possible.

Enjoy the best service of our medical staff. Get rid of annoying hair while relaxing. That’s Haarfreiheit Heidelberg.

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