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Perfect skin for a perfect face

Permanent removal of the lady’s beard, hair on the chin, and upper lip

Show your beauty

A smooth and flawless facial skin plays an important role in the overall appearance of women. A radiant face not only conveys aesthetic harmony but also boosts self-confidence. Smooth facial skin is often perceived as an expression of youthfulness and care.

A regular skincare routine, combined with gentle hair removal methods, can contribute to a supple skin texture. Thoughtful facial care helps make a positive first impression and enhances overall well-being.


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A ladie’s beard belongs to the past

Most women are disturbed by small hair on the chin and upper lip. However, you can say goodbye to these hair forever. The reason for this is the permanent hair removal with XENOgel Technology, IPL, SHR, or diode laser. With these skin-friendly and gentle procedures, we painlessly free you from hair in all desired body areas, including the sensitive face.

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Regain control

Are you often worried that someone might notice your facial hair? Not anymore. Take control of your life and beauty. Never again will annoying hair bother your face. Your face will shine in new splendor, and you can easily apply your favorite makeup again. Treat yourself to this luxury that lasts permanently*. We free you from the annoying facial hair.

Relax during hair removal

You are in good hands with our specialized staff. Special and regular training is mandatory for our employees, ensuring that we can provide you with the highest competence in all areas. Your face is a very sensitive area that should only be treated by professionally trained experts to not only preserve your beauty but also make you shine.

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Plum and upper lip hair removal with care

Permanent facial hair removal using advanced technologies such as XENOgel Technology, IPL, SHR, or the diode laser offers an effective and long-lasting solution for unwanted facial hair. Our experts are here to provide comprehensive advice and answer all your questions. Your well-being is our priority, and we want to ensure that you feel safe and relaxed throughout the entire process. Schedule a consultation in Heidelberg today to learn more about the possibilities of permanent facial hair removal.


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