Buttocks and
Gluteal Fold

Enjoy unlimited freedom

Do you love everything on your body? That’s what we wish. But we are sure that you want to get rid o f hair on your buttocks and in the gluteal fold. Many women have to fight with unsightable and annoying hair on the buttocks. These are hard to remove and most of the time cut wounds, physical dislocations or itching can occur. You don’t have to bare this. We offer a permanent* and painless method to get rid of these hair.

Freiheit genießen

Hygiene & Care at the buttocks

Hair removal by photoepilation

Feel fresh and sexy

Don’t ever worry about forgetting a few hair with your last hair removal. With our permanent hair removal methods you can be sure that no hair will disrupt your perfect asthetics.

Treat yourself to the luxury of knowing that no unaesthetic hair are at hard to reach areas of your body. Feel completely free and desireable. Your body is unique and every single part needs attention.

A constant good feeling at the buttocks

See, know, feel

This intimate zone of your body is only reserved to the eyes of your loved ones but you might often think about bad surprises concerning possible not fully removed hair. You can leave behind this permanent unease also regarding new relationships. With the permanent hair removal* you will have a good feeling at any time. You will feel sexy and desireable in any situation. Doubt belongs to the past.

unwanted itching – bye

However hair regrow bristly in the intimate area and the gluteal fold. This leads to unwanted itching. With a permanent removal* with cold light no hair will regrow which could disturb the skin. On top you will have a feeling of permanent freshness because sweat and other dirt particles won’t attach to hair.

We are there for you

Our professional staff likes to answer all your questions also during the treatment. We want you to feel save and comfortible and to have a good feeling during your treatment at the buttocks or the gluteal fold. Get rid of hair even in unpopular body regions in only a few sessions.


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