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Why hair removal*?

Since the 90s it is also common in Germany that many women regularly remove their annoying hair on legs, armpits and in the intimate area. Common methods for hair removal are the wet shave with a razor, the painful treatment with an epilator or the equally unpleasant variant with wax.

Depending on the hair removal method, the smooth skin feeling maintains a few days to several weeks.

More and more men are discovering the trend of smooth while a wet shaving is the most common way to remove hair. But all these methods have a crucial disadvantage – they are not permanent and must be repeated regularly.

The revolutionary treatment with SHR lasers allows a permanent removal of unintentional hair.

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Hair removal in the intimate area and the armpits is regarded erotic and very aesthetic by many people. Especially during summer hair is annoying and must be removed very often. After a short time stubble is formed so that many people decide for a permanent hair removal instead of shaving over and over again.

Most hair removal methods are very time-consuming and have to be repeated at regular intervals. Even though the hair removal effect usually does not last long. In addition, stubble is forming very quickly in case of strong hair growth or very dark hair. This doesn’t make a visit at the beach very comfortable. When removing hair with SHR, the effect is permanent and does not have to be repeated after the successful treatment, which saves a lot of time.

In approximately 20-30% of the cases women have to deal with undesirable hair on the upper lip section. This type of hair is also called facial hair. A female beard can be caused trough hormonal changes or genetic can occur at any age. The affected women usually suffer very much from this phenomenon. Visible stubble or hairs appear shortly after regular treatments like waxing or shaving. Women with facial hair can be helped quickly and effectively by the permanent hair removal * with the SHR technology because the area to be treated is very small while keeping costs down. The same applies to women who have an excessive hair growth in the neck or abdomen area. We are able to remove hair in these areas too.

The removal of hair using conventional methods such as waxing, shaving, sugaring or epilation can cause skin irritation. Itching, reddened skin or eczema are the common symptoms. Especially in sensitive areas such as the buttocks, the intimate area, under the armpits or between the thighs, skin irritation can very easily occur. People with a sensitive skin even have a stronger tendency for this problem. Especially in the summer, if you want your skin always to be smooth, this can be very unpleasant. Because shaving aggravates the problem of skin irritation. The permanent hair removal * with SHR makes shaving unnecessary and irritation can be avoided.

Male hair is common and accepted by most. However, many men have a strong hair growth, which extends over the complete back as well as the abdomen and chest. Especially increased hair growth can lead to perspiration and a very unpleasant smell arises. In addition many women don’t feel a strong hair growth to be erotic.Treatment with wax can help in such areas, but must be repeated regularly and is painful and costly in the long term. The permanent hair removal * with SHR offers a long-term and pain-free alternative.


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