Overview of the body areas

We remove almost every hair!

Hair removal is very common nowadays in almost all body areas. Hairless skin is the trend and enjoys great popularity for women and men. In the summer, smooth legs are almost a must have for women. The armpits should be hair-free too. Men with a smooth chest and a hairless back seem to take care of their appearance. Shaving, Epilation and other common methods are no longer just a female topic. Due to the increasing popularity of hair removal, choosing a suitable method is becoming increasingly important. Painful and non-long-lasting practices are no longer. State of the art. Long-lasting hair removal is trendy, gentle and painless. Find out more about our range of permanent hair removal*:

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung mit SHR im Gesicht mögliche Gesichtsregionen Mann und Frau

Hair removal on face / chin / upper lip
Hair removal at eyebrow contour / forehead
Hair removal at the neck/ nape

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung SHR am Körper mögliche Körperregionen Brust, intim, Bikinizone, Bauch, Beine, Po, Rücken

Hair removal under the armpits
Hair removal on arms
Hair removal on hands
Hair removal on the chest and nipples
Hair removal on the back / coccyx
Hair removal on abdomen / meridian line
Hair removal in the bikini zone / in the intimate area
Hair removal on buttocks and gluteal cleft
Hair removal on legs