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Hair removal

Perfectly smooth skin – that means aesthetics. This isn’t only right for the face. A hair-free body has also become an important part of a well-groomed appearance. However, very few people accept the daily use of the razor. Permanent hair removal* has proven to be much more convenient. But not every method is suitable for every skin type. Our overview reveals which technology achieves the best results.

Difference depilation and epilation

Infographic comparison hair removal mehtods
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Temporary hair removal – the short lasting method

It is probably the most common method of hair removal – depilation. Only the par tof hair above the skin is removed, which explains the rapid regrowth.

For temporary hair removal, razors such as disposable and gel razors as well as depilatory creams that remove annoying hairs on a chemical basis are used. However, none of the techniques is able to provide a permanently smooth skin. The depilatory cream with no hair regrowth of up to 14 days clearly prevails over the razor with a maximum of 2 days. You will achieve much longer success with epilation. In contrast to depilation, the hair is removed with its root. The positive effect: hair free for up to 5 weeks. But the result also has its price. Epilation can cause painful skin irritation

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Epilation – longer lasting effect

The same can be said of alternative methods. Both waxing and sugaring, reddened areas of the skin are usual. Particularly unpleasant after-effects occur especially with waxing, the hair removal with wax. Annoying hairs are removed directly from the root with cold or warm wax. Whether wax strips or a wax device – the method prevents rapid regrowth. The jerky movements favor the appearance of skin redness. Sugaring is much more gentle. After cleaning the skin area with an alcohol-containing solution, a paste made of sugar, water and lemon is applied and gently removed after a short exposure time. The procedure hardly differs from waxing, but the skin-friendliness is all the more. Reddened skin areas are fewer.

Permanent hair removal* – longlasting smooth skin

Behandlungsimpressionen XENOgel® Technology

XENOgel® Technology

The Xenogel technology offers you even more effective skin protection. The combination of the latest photoepilation technology and a gentle crystal gel is the gentlest way to permanently rid yourself of annoying body hair. Thanks to the refreshing crystal gel, the skin remains pleasantly cool throughout the treatment. The risk of skin irritation decreases. On the contrary: unlike IPL, the XENOgel technology not only emits light impulses to the hair roots. In addition, there is a comprehensive treatment of the stem cells, the center of hair reproduction. In this way, the double effect permanently shuts down the regrowth of hair roots. A slow regeneration as with the IPL is excluded.

Another advantage of the XENOgel® technology: Even light hair types benefit from the light system that is gentle to the skin. With the IPL procedure, these types of hair often cannot be adequately removed. Immediately after application, the light area disappears, but can regrow over time. If this is the case, the body’s defense mechanism produces white hair from which the pigment melanin has been completely deprived. A treatment with a technolgy based on light is therefore no longer possible. The XENOgel technology on the other hand unfolds its full effect even with light hair types. Regrowth is not an option. Soft skin will be your constant companion. Of course, this applies to all areas of the body. Even in difficult areas such as the intimate area, the therapy is more effective and painless than ever before.

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The IPL method offers you such a result. The high-energy light system irradiates the area of the skin to be treated with light currents, which are immediately absorbed by the melanin of the hair and converted into heat. The heat waves then get to the roots, where the nutrient cells of each hair are gently put out of action by the thermal reaction. The result: permanent hair removal.


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