Comparison of Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal methods in the course of time

Hair removal methods are all methods called that remove hair from your body. The most common methods are the classic wet shave, sugaring, warm wax, cold wax, epilation, depilatory cream and modern methods such as IPL, SHR or laser (photoepilation) for a permanent hair removal*.
The main reason for hair removal are often hygienic, aesthetic or religious aspects. In contrast to the primates, body hair has almost no function nowadays, why it’s felt to be disturbing by many people.

Especially for sexually active people permanent hair removal* at the whole body became more and more popular and created today’s beauty ideals. This trend is also becoming an issue for men. The established man of today is well-groomed and completely depilated especially on the chest, abdomen and intimate area. Hair removal at the legs are still a taboo for most men, although many athletes fall back on it to minimize air resistance or to simplify the treatment of skin abrasions.

Early razors consisted of fire stone, stone knives and mussel shells and were not comparable to today’s high-tech methods. Archaeologists found the first shaving tools from the 6th millennium BC. South American indigenous people preferred the plucking of hair, and even in ancient Egypt, women removed hair in the intimate area to exert a special charm on men. In the USA, especially from 1915 to 1945, the removal of female body hair was an expression of femininity. This trend also reached European women in 1945 and has remained to this day. Since that hair removal methods have become more and more sophisticated. The most common are presented here.


Wet Shaving
Brazilian Waxing
Sugaring (Halawa, Sugar Paste)
Hot Waxing
Cold Waxing
Depilatory Cream