Gender-Specific Hair Removal*


Differences Women and Men

There are gender-specific differences with regard to the field of application. This includes the motivation for hair removal. While women are mostly concerned with the aesthetics of a completely non-hair body, many men only remove excessive hair growth or hair at individual body areas. With us, you will always find the right treatment for your needs. Furthermore you will be advised by our permanent hair removal* experts.


Hair Removal for Women:

gender specific permanent hair removal - women

Hairless parts of the female body are aesthetic and erotic. A study has shown that about 97% of women remove their hair by themselves. Mostly on legs, armpits, arms and in the bikini zone. Mainly young women deal extensively with the subject. In the last few years more and more women of medium and advanced age are also using hair removal methods. Approximately 30% of women suffer from excessive hair growth ( This is often regarded as unaesthetic and can lead to feelings of shame and inferiority complex.

The most common methods are usually the wet razor or the epilation, also painful waxing belongs to the removal procedures. The disadvantages are clearly noticeable: the skin is irritated. In addition, the application has to be repeated regularly. Many women want a simple and, above all, permanent method that saves time but still works thoroughly. Whether you want smooth skin throughout the year or to get rid of excessive hair: Permanent hair removal* provides the perfect solution. It combines all the factors that matter: Gentle and efficient, we rely on our expertise and our effective technology. That’s why we are able to offer you a satisfying treatment.

Hair Removal for Men:

gender specific hair removal - man

Hair removal is increasingly becoming a masculine topic too. Although male body hair  is still considered as masculine, excessive hair growth is, however, mostly considered by women to be unattractive. That’s why more and more men decide for hair removal. 79% of the men regularly remove body hair, the tendency is increasing. Especially on the back, on the chest or on the abdomen many men are affected by an excessive hair growth, quite a few suffer from it. There are some disadvantages with common methods such as wet shaving and waxing.

Often it is difficult to remove some hairs, because you can’t reach the specific area properly. Furthermore the removal is not permanent* and must be repeated all over again. Additionally skin can be irritated and especially the treatment with wax is painful. Therefore more and more men are discovering the pleasant and lasting XENOgel method for themselves and can thereby remove disturbing hair permanently. Our institute offers expert advice and well trained staff in a pleasant atmosphere. The treatments are adapted to the individual needs, so that you are treated to your satisfaction.